Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lurking at the Anchorage airport.

I started my trip to Barrow Alaska, the furthest town north in North America and some 400+ miles inside the arctic circle this morning at 9am when Sara and Ava dropped me off at the Portland Maine airport. It was a tough goodbye because I wont see them until May 9th or 10th.
After checking 5 bags and cases I had some breakfast and boarded a plane to JFK in NYC. I think the production manager booked me on a cheap flight because after hanging around JFK for almost 4 hours I flew to Phoenix AZ. US Airways has no tv's on its planes so I read a bunch and slept a little. I raced across the Phoenix airport to make my connection to Anchorage and I boarded a very full aircraft. The only empty seat I could see as I walked down the aisle turned out to be mine, right next to a young mother and her 6 month old baby. My first 2 thoughts were ugh, 6 hours on a plane next to a baby, and why are they flying alone? We talked a bit, (the mom and I) and she shared with me that she was flying home to Alaska after attending her husbands funeral. Its amazing how a few words can change your entire outlook on a situation. I no longer felt sorry for myself for sitting next to a baby. The mother, Victoria, was really holding it together and so good with her son. It made me feel so thankful for my family.
I'm writing this post from the Anchorage airport where I'll spend the night. My flight to Barrow is at 6am (4 hours behind eastern time zone) and I think its about 5 hours. I'll take some pics when I arrive. Meanwhile I'm going to drink some coffee so I dont fall asleep and miss my flight!

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